The distinguished history of the Columbus Boychoir and the musical excellence fostered by Herbert Huffman quickly established the Columbus Boychoir as one of the finest choral groups in America.  Despite their rapid growth and overwhelming claim to fame the Boychoir continued to develop and seek new opportunities and ways to advance American music.  As a result, the Columbus Boychoir became a national treasure and Herbert Huffman became a preeminent voice in choral music, and a nationalistic leader.

One may suggest, the success of the Columbus Boychoir was assisted by the technological advances of the 20th century.  The investment in and creation of the National Broadcast System enabled American’s to enjoy musical concerts from the comforts of their living room.   This allowed musical organizations, like the Columbus Boychoir to broadcast their music across the country and reach a larger audience.  However, radio success experienced by the CBS is the result of numerous standing ovations, and warm receptions within the greater Columbus area.  In addition, the choir appeared on several local broadcasts.  In1943, Siegfried Hearst, a representative of the National Concerts and Artists Corporation insisted that the Columbus Boychoir travel to New York for a concert debut.  That May Herbert Huffman and the Columbus Boychoir was able to raise enough money to travel to New York City and perform at the Town Hall.    New York natives were not only impressed with the boy’s musical skills but also with their impeccable manners and character traits.  The successes of CBS’s first New York debut were well documented by several media outlets, including the New York Times.  The immediate press coverage launched the Columbus Boychoir into immediate success and appeared on several radio and T.V. programs.  Regular appearances on the Mutual Broadcast Network, Omnibus, The Telephone Hour, The Steve Allen Show, and the Firestone Show caught the attention of the State Department.  Several of their recordings were transmitted to South American to am Stalinist propaganda and introduce American culture to the citizens of Latin America. Since 1937 the Columbus Boychoir/ American Boychoir participated in several symphonic concerts as well during the 1960’s the CBS performed at the 1964 World Fair, grand opening of Lincoln Center, American Premiere of Bernstein’s “Kaddish”, Symphony #3, Brittens War Requiem and work under the Baton of Maestro Toscanni.  Over the course of history the Boychoir has also performed in several productions of Mozart’s Bastienne und Bastien, and produced several recordings.  In In 1950, the Columbus Boychoir moved to Princeton, NJ through the invitation and assistance of Dr. Erdman and Dr. Williamson of the Westminster Choir College and in 1980, officially changed their name to The American Boychoir.  Other than performance with many of the worlds greatest Orchestras the Colummbus Boychoir played a key role in Menotti's TV Opera, Amahl and the Night Visitors.  In the 1950's, CBS student Chet Allen was casted as Amahl in the NBC premiere and started a tradition of using soloists from the boychoir in professional musical drama's.  However, the Columbus Boychoir was not only a superb choir but also a pillar of American Nationalism.  The Great Depression and the Second Word War rekindled the American spirit and began a nationwide nationalist movement.  American premieres were abundant and concerts were produced to raise money to purchase War Bonds.  Herbert Huffman advertised that the Columbus Boychoir will "never turn down an opportunity to sing at a civic engagement.  As a result, the Columbus Boychoir performed at several victory sings, which honored the sacrafice and successes of the military, and performed at the 1944 Republican National convention in Chicago IL.  Since its formation the Columbus/American Boychoir as performed for 8 presidents and participated in the National Prayer Service for the Victims of September 11th.

National and International Tours

Due to the tremendous success on TV and Radio Columbus Boychoir truly became "America's Singing Boys" and completed many national and international tours.  CBS performances were in high demand.  Despite several performances throughout Ohio, and their successful appearance at The NYC Town Hall, the early boychoir never participated in an official tour.  The Columbus Boychoir Completed their first national tour in the summer of 1946 after 40 tiresome engagements.  Their first tour focused primarily on the east coast and included performances in throughout New York, New England, and the Mid Atlantic states.  With the successes of  their first official national tour fresh on their minds, the Columbus Boychoir became international touring artists.  In 1956,  the Columbus Boychoir was sponsored by the State Department and toured several Latin American countries and became official U.S. Ambassadors.  Herbert Huffman and the choir spend countless hours performing and greeting Latin American leaders and citizens.  During the tour the boys participated in a dance with several young ladies from several Latin American private schools.  The success of the Latin American tour provided the Columbus Boychoir with opportunities to perform in France, Italy, Japan, Korea, The Vatican, Sweden, Taiwan, Bermuda, The Czech Republic, etc.  Since 1956, one may suggest that the Columbus/American Boychoir became an official international touring organization.